From Left to Right: Melissa, Scott, Will, and Karen Shields

“Destiny’s Calling”

Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar might be considered “destiny’s calling”. Back in 1970, just married Will and Karen Shields crossed the bridge for the first time. At age 26, Will, the son of a Pennsylvania farmer and butcher, had never seen the ocean. As he stood under the Avalon Pier, holding his bride’s hand, he was awestruck, and the rest is what he considers the family’s destiny.

Through a series of career chapters and 3 great kids, the family moved from Pittsburgh, to Maryland, to Harrisburg, on to Richmond, and finally to Nags Head. Then Scott, a professionally trained chef, working in Staunton, Virginia, made the phone call that eventually led to the family’s destiny. “Dad, it’s time we go into business. Let’s open a restaurant.”

After long hours of planning, Scott and Melissa sold their home and they moved to Nags Head. Six months later, a little 32 seat restaurant named Blue Moon Beach Grill was born. Popular with the locals, the “once in a blue moon dining experience” grew in popularity, as did the restaurant, expanding to 64 seats. Out of Blue Moon, Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar was born.

All in the Family

And that’s where Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar takes over the story line. Blue Water, after a yearlong remodeling, opened its doors on February 21, 2015. Blue Water is not a clone of Blue Moon, although we believe in many of the same guiding principles. Great food and stellar service are our cornerstones.

Blue Water’s employees are a part of the Shields family’s extended family. “Our team is just amazing,” says Scott. “They ARE Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar.” We have a great management team and a lineup of chefs that rock the house with creative and great food.

So that is who we are. We are a family owned restaurant that has a wonderful staff. Our food is exciting, cooked to order and always made from the freshest ingredients possible. Our hospitality helps provide a warm and friendly atmosphere, in a setting reminiscent of an exciting coastal boathouse. And finally, we hope that we are part of the Outer Banks culture. Destiny called back in 1970 and we are responding to its call.